Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paddling for Suicide Prevention

Last weekend was PaddlePower, a two day kayak down the Connecticut River to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention. For the past 9 years, I have been a volunteer.  This year, I paddled.
My brothers and their wives, our friends, and Jeremy all paddled.  It was a very different side to see.
Being a paddler as opposed to a volunteer meant we didn't have to be up as early which rocked.  We were able to really enjoy the morning, visiting with people, and not feeling rushed.
Paddling was easier than boat valeting, it was easier to stay to the front of the pack than we imagined.  I had a great time paddling. 
The Lugz at the end of day one.
Waiting for everyone to catch up.
The Lugz

Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Locklaces

Is it really that hard to bend over and tie your shoes? That was my first thought when I read about LockLaces.  Then I read a few reviews. Then I started to think about how handy they would be. How sometimes I want to wear my sneakers but want to just pull them on for a quick walk or I need to get outside quickly.  I could wear them loose and not worry about stepping on loose laces.  I could snug them up for a walk or run.  I could get really fun colors to offset the colors of my sneakers. Then I ordered a pair.
When they arrived, I sat down, read the brief instructions, laced up my shoes, and pulled them on.  It was amazing! They fit snug but since they were elastic, there was a bit of give.  I loosened them up and there was no slippage so I could go for a walk without tightening them.
I have gone for several walks, to work, even a light run.  They have been great. It does take a little getting used to as I over tightened them several times and when that happens my feet start to hurt.  It was simple fix to loosen them and keep going.
I don't know if I would trust them to keep my feet on without being too tight for a mud run like a Spartan Race, but I will be trying them on for a local Zombie Run in September.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Dandycase Waterproof Case

I have a bad habit of taking my phone places I shouldn't.  I like to take it out in the kayak, tubing down the river, out in the rain, all places that if I wasn't super careful I could ruin my phone.  With two different events on my horizon, the first being the Spartan Sprint in Amesbury along with a Hurricane Heat, the second being PaddlePower, a two day kayak down the Connecticut River. I wanted something that would protect my phone, that would also allow me to use the camera, Instagram, and Twitter.  After some searching on and reading of reviews, I decided upon the DandyCase Waterproof Case.
When the case came, I followed the directions and put a paper towel in the case and submerged it fully in the sink.  After drying the case of completely, I inspected the paper towel and it was bone dry.  Perfect.  Fast forward a few days and I was at the Spartan Sprint and ready for my Hurricane Heat.  Into the case went my phone and into my backpack went the case.  After 3 hours of sweat, water, and mud, I was pulling the case back out. My phone was bone dry, I was able to leave it in the case to take photos, send some text messages, everything I asked for.  This coming weekend is PaddlePower and I will be taking it out on the water.  Can't wait!
Sporting the DandyCase in between the Hurricane Heat and the Team Heat.