Friday, June 14, 2013

Remembering to Rest

This week has been about remembering to rest. After Saturday's 10k and my near fall, my body hasn't been in the best of states.  My hip still bothers me and while I want to push, I will get further from a rest. 
I was supposed to run Monday but canceled that when I realized it was league night for disc golf. Disc golf was hard enough on my body, I had to stop playing as the approach for the drives was making my hip hurt. Took Tuesday off completely hanging at home on the couch.  I was determined that I could do the fun run on Wednesday. I ran 2.5 miles before my feet just wouldn't pick up and I had to walk the last half mile.  I could feel my hip starting to hurt and when I got up the next morning it was sore.  So I took Thursday off from volleyball and all activity other than walking to and from work. Tonight was a nice easy game of disc golf, not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I do need to get at least a walk in.
Rest is not always convenient but always necessary.  Its okay to push but its important to know the difference between pushing through the pain and pushing towards an injury.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

UPDATED: Summer 2013 Bucket List

This post has been updated and republished!

There are things I say I want to do every summer and they don't all get done. I am hoping by creating my summer 2013 bucket list I can keep track and get to do all that I want to do. Feel free to join me!

Corn maze - :-(
Camping - Completed Memorial Day Weekend at Silver Lake State Park in the COLD AND RAIN!
Camp somewhere new :-(
Kayak down the river - Paddle Power, first time down the Connecticut River
Go tubing :-(
Hike - Completed May 18 up Spruce Mountain with Traci.
Hike Camels Hump -  :-(
Hike somewhere new - Does the Spartan Beast count as I have never hiked Killington?
Complete a 5k - Completed May 12 at the Dirty 5k Trail Race
Complete a 10k - Completed June 8 at the West Windsor 5 & Dime
Complete a 5k without walking - Completed June 5 at the weekly Randolph Runners Fun Run
Complete a Spartan Sprint - Completed August 10 at Spartan Sprint Amesbury
Do a mud/color run - Completed September 14 Color Vibe
Fill the Vermont Wine Passport :-(
Train excursion :-(

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Windsor 5 & Dime - Race Recap

I have been running.
Monday, June 3, 2013, I was supposed to meet up with friends to walk/run up Payne Mountain in Northfield, VT.  I was running a few minutes late, they didn't wait. I had a personal best on my time as I went up Payne Mountain by myself.
At the top of Payne Mountain!
I have been running.
Wednesday, June 5, 2013, at the weekly 5k fun run, I ran a 5k without taking a walking break for the first time ever.

I have been running.
On Saturday morning, June 8, 2013, Jim and Mary stopped to pick Jeremy and I up at 7:15 in the morning. We were ready. It was time to head off for our first 10k race.  Not only was this our first 10k, it was a trail race.  The West Windsor 5 and Dime, the first of the year in the Western New Hampshire Trail Running Series. The forecast was for rain. We had received emails the night before that the race would go on, to be prepared for wet, muddy, slippery, slick trails. To pack dry clothes and be prepared to have fun.
The race started 15 minutes late as people were still registering. So far no rain. We zigzagged through a field  and were into the woods.  It didn't take long for the rain effects to be apparent as we splashed through puddles and were hitting the mud almost immediately.  I ran and walked at varying intervals, passing the first aid station without stopping, glad I had my Camelbak on.  Then came a hill, steep, but relatively easy to climb up.  We veered off from the 5k course, and started to loop back and forth through the woods.  I stuck to my main goal to never walk down a hill, even if it was only two or three steps. Mary pulled ahead of me as soon as we had hit the first set of woods, but I never let her too far out of my site.
It felt like I had been on the trail forever, my Runkeeper app told me it was only 2 miles and change.  I passed my first two people.  There was a waterfall on course, they wanted a photo. I was happy to pass someone as usually I was the one being passed. Another half mile and I caught up to a younger girl walking.  It appeared she had gassed herself early as she never caught back up to me.  It wasn't long before I reached the top.  I had made it. There were two woman in front of me stopping for water, I kept going. I passed another two people! That makes five.  One of the woman was Lois, an ex-coworkers Mom.  She looked fantastic.
It was on the downhill that I caught back up with Mary. I would have stayed with her the rest of the run had I not almost face-planted, wrenching my left leg.  Apparently the scream I let out had Mary turning around, expecting to see me on the ground.  A quick walk, which was luckily flat, to make sure I wasn't done for and I was off again. I never did catch back up with Mary. Took more walking breaks on the downhill than I would have liked but it sure beat injuring myself.
Along the way I picked up a lost roll of duct tape, a pen, and played tag with another runner.  I was back into the field, down the hill, and running through the finish line.
My goals:
To never walk down a hill - COMPLETE!
To finish - COMPLETE!
To be under two hours - COMPLETE!
To not finish last - COMPLETE!
Stretch Goal:
To be under 1h 45m - COMPLETE!
To not finish last in my age division - COMPLETE!
Crossing in under 1h 45m - Super pumped!
While I was far from being a contender for placement in over or age division, I conquered every goal I set out for myself for this run.  Finishing with an official time of 1h 44m 27s. I was 102 our of 107 overall, 7 out of 8 in my age group.
We got muddy!
Jim, Mary, Jeremy, and I all muddy and sweaty.

Jeremy has been an AMAZING support on this journey.