Friday, May 31, 2013

Payne Mountain

Its hot. Really hot. So instead of sitting at home on the couch in the AC, I decide to join Jeremy and our friend Jim for a run up Payne Mountain.

The first time I ever went up Payne Mountain I opted to take turns dragging a tire. I spent far less time running but my heart was racing like I was.

This trip up, I ran more than I thought I could. At one point I knew I had run more than my previous trip up the mountain. So I set a goal: 3 more running sections and I would feel like I had really accomplished something.  Then I was not as close to the top as I expected, so I did two more running sections. Whew. That kicked my butt.  I pushed at each of the running sections going at least 3 strides if not 30 plus feet past my designated walking point.  I was so proud of myself when I reach the top.  Jim pretty much stayed with me although he would run again, find a trail that would loop back around to me and pass me again. Worked well to push me.  Jeremy on the other hand flew up and down and was back at the bottom I am pretty sure before I ever reached the top. Both guys are MANIMALS!

Jim and I at the top... Hot sweaty messes.
I had told Jim before we started, I wanted to run down the trail instead of the road. That is the only reason I ended up walking any down hill.  There is more attention that must be spent as there are roots and rocks. I would get to the point where my feet were shuffling. Since it wasn't an appealing idea to face plant, I took several walking breaks. Just long enough to get my legs refreshed.  I still flew down the mountain.

Can't wait to go back up. I want to beat my time. I think it was 1 hour and 40 minutes total.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dirty 5k Race Recap

I have been pushing myself more and more to be active, lose weight, eat healthier, and find a lifestyle I can live with. As part of that, I have been running more, signing up for races so that I do not have the option of not running.

The first race this year that I signed up for was the Dirty 5k in Hanover, NH.  It is put on by the Western New Hampshire Trail Running Series.  It is a fun and "easy" 5k trail race.  I know the race director, Chad Denning, as I have volunteered for other events he has put on.  He knows how to put on a great race.

Jeremy, Me, Mary, Jim - All ready to run! What a team.
We started out going down a steep hill, around a corner, and on to what I have heard people refer to as the roller coaster! It certainly kicked my butt, I walked more than I wanted, but it was so fun. That is, until I hit the dreaded field. The field is demoralizing. You want to cut straight through but you can't. You must go up an down and around. Having run this portion before when I participated in the Stoked Standard Triathlon two year ago, I knew what to expect. Then it changed. We went back into the woods. What a fun section! I saw a bit of Storrs Pond Recreation Area I had never seen before. Great addition.  Up into the woods we went, hooking onto the screaming downhill.  As I started the downhill there was no looking back. I put everything I had left into me and sprinted through the finish line. Whew. What an awesome trail. Great kick start to the summer and trail running.

I had a great time. Came in 23 seconds over my goal of 45 minutes or less.  Official Time: 45m 23s.

Powering through the finish line. Giving it all I had. 
Slowing down. What a beautiful day.
The event started on time. AWESOME!

Food and water for after. AWESOME!

Free raffle for all participants and volunteers. AWESOME!
Look, I won! Some Emergen-C and a pocket knife.
Jeremy won too! A water bottle and a pocket knife.
Next up? The West Windsor Forrest 5 & Dime Trail Run