Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Exercise 1 & 2 - Adjusting Images in Photoshop

In PhotoShop, we learned how to resize a photo. This did not seem to affect how the photograph looks in this blog, however, when clicking on the image, it is much smaller when it is opened in the other window.

Original Image

Resized Image

We also learned a bit about using levels, color balance, and hue and saturation. This really can change how the photo looks. If the photo is too dark or too light, it can be changed with the levels. If the colors are not quite right, they can be changed with the color balance. If the image would appear better in black and white, or the brightness of the colors is too dull, that can be changed with the hue and saturation.

Levels Adjustment

Color Balance

Hue & Saturation

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