Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Journal 3 - From the Hip......

I loved this assignment. It was really fun to go out and just "point and shoot" without looking. Many of my shots were pretty crappy, but I was able to get seven really decent shots to post. The ice that formed around the trees was beautiful.

Chest Level - Angled Up
Ground Shot - Straight Up
Ground Shot - Straight Across
Chest Level - Angled Down
Ground Level - Straight Across
Above Head - Angled Down
Chest Level - Angled Up


cecile said...

Hey Hannah,
I love these pictures. The ice is so beautiful!


JulesMRussell said...

The very first one looks like it belongs on the front of a christmas card, It looks really neat.

missmelissa said...

nice shots!!! i like the outdoor scene. I also like the ground shot of the tree, very nice!

PhotoTeacher_Gina said...

Nice series. I would love to see the b&w shots as full color. You chose a nice variety of compositions yet they all work well together. I like that you are experimenting with different points of view. Exposures look accurate. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Good use of nature and great vantage points. Makes it that much more interesting.