Friday, September 09, 2011

Bikram Yoga, it's HOT HOT HOT

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September is yoga month and a yoga studio near my office is offering a special of $20 for 20 days. It is a fantastic deal, and it is for Bikram Yoga, which is a style of yoga I have never tried. Bikram Yoga Upper Valley is a studio that I have looked at several times online, then passed on because it feels so expensive for something I might not like. I knew that it was hot yoga, and that it followed a special flow that is followed every practice.
Tuesday was my first class, the room felt hot and it was packed. There was enough room for a few more people, but not very many. I was blown away by the shapes and sizes, the ages, and the male/female ratio. It was awesome. The instructor didn't do the class, he stood at the front telling us what to do. At first this seemed very strange to me, since I had no idea what I was doing, but I soon realized he was able to keep us going, and that I could look at any number of different people around me for the moves and direction.
We weren't more than 2 poses in before my body was glistening in sweat. It was only another 2 poses and I went from glistening to dripping. I stayed that way for the remainder of practice. There were some poses I was surprised I could do so well, there were others I was surprised that I struggled with. I felt completely alive and depleted at the end. It was a strange contradiction.
Thursday, last night, was my second class. Yes, I went back for more! I want to get in as many as my schedule allows in my 20 days. There were moves that were easier, moves that weren't a struggle last time that were today. The instructor was different, I liked her flow better. I was just as wet, just as alive and depleted.
All in all, I think I will stick with Bikram as an occasional practice, it is just too expensive right now. I also don't know as I will be able to stay focused with all the same poses over and over. Something to think about for sure. I am so glad I went, and will continue to go for the next 20 days and see where it takes me.


Allie @ Healthy Balance, Healthy Life said...

Cool (obviously not literally)!

I've always wanted to try and probably eventually will. It's hard for me to GET myself to yoga but once I'm there I usually love it!

Hannah Ruth said...

One thing I have found is that it has taken me several days to fully and properly rehydrate my body.