Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shows! Past and Future

With some coaxing from Bethany, over at Bethany Renee Jewelry, I ventured out to my first vendor showing in Randolph called The Randolph Antique and Artisan Sale held on the park at Gifford Medical Center.

We each had goals that we surpassed!  It was a great experience to see what people liked, how much time it took to set up, and what items I really did and did not need to bring with me.

My set up is on the left, Bethany's is on the right. 
I have officially been bitten by the bug, drank the koolaid, whatever you want to call it. I am signed up for another show this weekend! Bethany and I are planning to be side by side in Burlington at The Ramble's O.N.E. World Market.

Here's to a better display, more confidence, and some great sales!

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