Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Vermont Endurance 100

On July 16 at 3:30pm to July 17 at 7:45am, I am working the Keating Aid station for the Vermont Endurance 100, in Windsor!
This is an ultra-marathon with runners electing from the 100k and the 100mile. The aid station I work is located at approximately mile 93. They are on the home stretch. I am looking for at least one more person to man the aid station with me and two others.
Are you up for the fun? It is a lot of fun, can be a bit intense, and so satisfying. I hope you can help!
The Vermont 100 Endurance Race is one of the original 100 mile runs in the USA and a part of the Grand Slam Series of Ultrarunning. Each year, 300 runners attempt to finish this hilly race over beautiful Vermont back roads and trails under the 30 hour cutoff point, and a well-trained few finish in under 24 hours. The current course record is 14:53:09.
The host and beneficiary of the Vermont 100 - Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports. Not only do Vermont Adaptive volunteers put on the Vermont 100 race, they also teach sports, adapted for people with disabilities, rent adaptive sports equipment, and promote adaptive sports throughout New England.

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Allie @ Healthy Balance, Healthy Life said...

Woah, this sounds like quite and experience! Wish I had the time and energy to be there with ya! I need to take a lil break this weekend!