Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Feeling Green

I've been sitting at home with a stomach bug. I decided to be somewhat productive with my beads, so I tackled another challenge.

While feeling a bit green, I decided to tackle making something green.  Malachite is my favorite stone and I bought some chips last time I went bead shopping on my own.  I have made a tree similar to this one that had been a gift for my mom. It turned out beautiful, but not exactly like I had pictured.  I decided to make another one. This one came out more like I had envisioned.

#1 Make Earrings- Done.
#11 Make a Beaded Gift- Done.
#13 Make an Inspiration Board - Done.
#16 Make Something Green - Done.
#20 Inspired by Spring- Done.


~Creating a dream~ said...

You also had a bead date with your cousin!! I like the way you list what you have completed...I might steal that idea ;-)

Hannah Ruth said...

You should! Don't forget to put in the links to make it easier for people to link back to your posts.