Monday, April 06, 2009

Leftover Dinner Mess

After last nights awesome roast beef dinner, I had to come up with something to do with the leftovers. I have plans for the roast beef, tomorrow night it will be turned into some sort of beef stroganoff!

Tonight I made a pasta dish with the left over broccolini and sweet potato.

The pasta water was put in, and in the meantime; I cut up and lightly sauteed the left over sweet potato, and set it aside. I had a chicken sausage in the fridge which I sliced up and put in the pan to warm up; I also tossed in some pepperoni for a little bit of spice.

The pasta went into the salted boiling water, and I started on the cream sauce. A little butter, a little olive oil, and some flour started off a roux. I added a bit of 2% milk, so it wasn't completely unhealthy, a generous amount of salt, pepper, and garlic and herb seasoning.

When the cream sauce got thick, I dumped the chopped broccolini in with the pasta to heat it through. After draining the pasta, I mixed everything together and was more than pleasantly surprised at how good the dish tasted.

I called it leftover dinner mess because it looked like a big mess in a bowl!


cecile said...

I think I'll have to start calling you Hannah 'Ray.' I also like how you left a teaser about tomorrow night's stroganoff too. Very clever blogging my dear. ;-)
I am a member of a weekly CSA and have been finding myself mowing down on vegetables like crazy! You keep inspiring me to get creative. I've mostly been roasting and steaming.

Hannah Ruth said...

hehe, i am trying to get the hang of it, as well as trying to blog each day.

nothing wrong with roasted and steamed vegetables, thats what mine started as :-)

I am really looking forward to the farmers market starting up, and we already have a bunch of seeds started and we'll hopefully get them into the ground in the next few weeks!!!

cecile said...

p.s. what's with all of the Lifetime movies lately??!!!

Hannah Ruth said...

They are based on Nora Roberts books, and since I have read them, I wanted to see the movies.....
It is a sad sad addiction I know! hehe