Monday, April 27, 2009

Walking and Riding

Yesterday before going shopping with Mom, I took part in the March for Babies. It was a 5.2 mile walk and it left my legs feeling like jello! I haven't walked farther than a half a mile for several months now, it felt so good to be so active. I was sore the next day though! I only raised $20 but it was better than nothing, and it was a great cause.

Then today, after work, I decided to go for a bike ride. I have really missed biking, but I bit off a pretty big challenge! I decided to bike from home, down in town, up to Mom's. The ride is only about 4.75 miles or so, but within a half a mile of leaving my apartment, it is all up hill till I hit VTC. Then I get about quarter of a mile downhill to Mom's.

I probably stopped 15 times going up the hill, it really pushed me beyond my limits, but I did it! I can't wait to get out and bike again, however, I think I will select a few milder rides before I attempt Route 66 again!

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