Thursday, July 30, 2009

and the Tree falls down...

Yesterday with all the wind and rain, a tree fell down in the back of the house. Not on any cars or buildings, but enough to be heard in the apartment.
The storm didn't start until just before 5pm, of course. I had been looking out the window all day dreaming of a walk or bike ride, some swimming, and while the person I was going to go with had to cancel last minute (which worked out really well considering), it was such a let down!
We did end up going swimming later in the evening, it was still sprinkling, the river hadn't risen a whole lot yet, boy did it feel good. Especially after spending so long in the kitchen with the oven and the stove going. Of course in the heat and humidity we would decide to make pizza for dinner. My pizza was excellent! A smear of red sauce, some ricotta, sauteed zuccini and tomatoes and swiss chard, with mozzerella cheese. YUM YUM YUM

I had leftovers for lunch today! Work is a bit slow, although never boring.


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

mmmm PIZZA. Cold pizzza, even better.

Hannah Ruth said...

we were just talking and thinking we need to start making the pizza the night before because it is always better cold the next day