Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dinner and Fishing

I have totally been slacking on my posting! With a goal of once a day, I am barely making once a week!

Last night Jeremy and I got subs from McCulloughs Quick Stop, our favorite place for subs, and went fishing.
McCulloughs Quick Stop
Jeremy got his usual turkey bacon, and I decided on a BLT. What really makes their subs so good is the rolls that they use.
Forgot to take pictures of the subs, but man were they good.

We also tried this new juice drink.

Incredibly tasty. Not overly sweet, no carbonation, and very thirst quenching for a juice beverage.

Fishing was great, although neither of us caught anything. I had a couple of bites, and they ate my worms, but no catches. Towards the end of the evening we were watching them jump left and right, but still no catches. Oh well, another day perhaps.

View of were we where fishing. I love my phones panaramic option.

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